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A Space Adventure

Amazon Alexa is the cloud-based voice service where you can play A Space Adventure .

To start playing just say: Alexa, open A Space Adventure .

Explore the solar system!

Take your ship and travel through the solar system solving mysteries and helping people. Are you ready to be a space hero?

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Explore the environments with freedom

You can interact, look and manipulate all the objects you find in the game.
You can walk freely through the environments.

Adaptive narration

The game's narration adapts to each moment, providing details that involve you with the story, or else, privileging objectivity and speed in the descriptions when necessary.

Natural language

The game supports a great number of commands and actions.
We are concerned with making the experience enjoyable and there are dozens of different ways to execute each command.
Below is the link to the user manual with the complete list of commands.